Photos From Round 8, 2000

The following images were scanned from slides or negatives on an HP PhotoSmart scanner provided by Brian Moore.

John's Slides using Fuji Velvia 50

The grid for the DS/GS/DSP run group.

BMW 3-series

A Porsche 912 on three wheels, and a Porsche 968 on four

A Honda S2000 turning into the finish chute.

M1 Miatas in the final turn.

A nice red 240Z taking the last two turns before the finish.

John's Slides Using Kodachrome 200

Street Touring and Street Mod

VW Golf

Audi A4

Chok Balmaceda's Street Touring Acura Integra GS-R

Honda Civics

An Acura NSX and a Porsche Carrera that I didn't get to see run

My Integra, with Elbert's Prelude in the background

A green M2 Miata. I like the color.

Mike Leary's Photos Using Kodak Gold 200

Me on my first run

On my second run.

Cruising down pit lane.

Launching into my third run. Mike jokes that I must have run over the starter's foot...

The Komush Engineering Ford (Mercury?) Capri

Mike's (clearly inferior) shot of the Porsche 912

A MkII MR-2 with big shiny wheels.

Peter Thana in his BMW Z3 coupe.

John Stimson / Art Rock Cafe, New Armageddon /